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Visited Port Wentworth, GA. location. (Exit 109 on I-95) On June 18, 2010 Always regarded Bennigans as a respectable, dependable higher-chain restaurant for reliably good food, clean restaurant & pleasant service. Big disappointment.

Food was deplorable. Restaurant was filthy. 2 waitresses for a full restaurant. (Service? What service?) A drink was spilled on the floor and an employee mopped it up with her foot and a dirty rag....

Pot roast looked more like jellied pet food. Talked with manager. Totally useless and could care less. Certainly should not be in any management position. My family will never visit a Bennigans again.

Pam Hertner


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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #161770

Bennigans all went out of business in Houston. The only thing that was decent the place wrere the margaritas.

They used to be really good. The last time I was at a Bennigans, about two years ago, my experience was pretty close to yours. Horrible service, gross food and ahole staff.

Thank God I was drunk and thank God my bf paid the bill! I would have been pissed had I paid.

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